Preparing For The Cleaning

You’ve decided you need a professional cleaning service, but you’re not sure where to start? We recommend exploring our packages and getting in touch if you need more information or a customized cleaning service. We can help you decide on the time and volume of your planned cleaning. We want to make sure you know what you’re getting by hiring our professional service, jobs, and price-wise. 

Once you decide on the cleaning package, you need to prepare your home for our services. 

Get your home ready for us

Our cleaning service packages are time-sensitive, allowing for better planning of our professionals’ schedules. However, to ensure the job is done properly and within the time planned, you need to make some basic preparations before our technician arrives. 

  • Secure Your Pets – Safety is our key priority, so having your pets secured or away while we clean will cause less stress for both them and our staff. 
  • Wash and Put Away Your Dishes – This way, our cleaners can get straight to cleaning your kitchen instead of your dishes.
  • Remove Clutter – Though we do declutter, we cannot put your things back where they belong, so the best we can do is pile those up neatly in the room where we found them. However, making time to put away things yourself before we swoop in will save you some sorting out after we leave. This might ruin the impression of a cleaned home, and we would hate for you to have to do any additional work after us. It’s only fair to come back home to a clean, tidy, and clutter-free home. 
  • Clear the Bathroom Countertops – All the items you regularly use and keep on top of your vanity should be temporarily placed in a box or a bin to allow us to clean the countertops thoroughly. 
  • Leave Linens on Your Beds – If you asked us to change your sheets, make sure the linens are placed on top of the beds. Otherwise, we cannot do it. We respect your privacy and won’t go through your cabinets and closets.  

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